Presentation Handouts

Licensing conditions on null objects in Rioplatense Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (and the Object Agreement Cycle) – Null objects from a crosslinguistic and developmental perspective – Universidade de Minho – January 29, 2021

Patterns of Object Movement and the Object Agreement Cycle from Latin to Spanish – ICHL 24 – Australian National University, Canberra – July 4, 2019

Accusative Clitic/Null Object Variation in Spanish and the Object Agreement Cycle – DiGS 21 – Arizona State University, Tempe – June 7, 2019

The Diachrony of Reflexive Constructions in Romance and Germanic – Invited talk given at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures Colloquium; April 25, 2018

Spanish and French HOMO-derived Impersonal Pronouns: Stalled Grammaticalization – ICHL 2017 – University of Texas, San Antonio

Reflexive Constructions in German, Spanish, and French as a Product of Cyclic Interaction (with Jonathan E. MacDonald, co-author) – ICHL 2017, University of Texas, San Antonio

Passive Se in Spanish and French as a Product of Cyclic Interaction (co-author – Jonathan E. MacDonald) – LSRL 2017 – University of Delaware

Grammaticalization of Reflexive Se from Latin to Spanish: An Object Agreement Cycle – HLS 2016 – Georgetown University

Anticausative and Passive Se in Romanian and Spanish: A Transitivity Cycle. (Jonathan MacDonald co-author) – HLS 2016 – Georgetown University

Null Generic Subjects in Spanish – LSRL 46 – Stony Brook University

The Grammaticalization of Se from Latin to Spanish – DiGS 18 – Ghent University